Welcome to Pixie-Crafts!

This is the bit where I need to sound really interesting huh?! 

My name is Amy and the floofster in the photo is Teddy, my faithful companion, co worker and shadow. 

I am *ahem* 40 something, and I live in Cambridgeshire in the UK, with my amazing and supportive husband, Rob,

and our crazy pets, Teddy the lab, Biggles the African Grey parrot and Sushi the goldfish! 

I have a passion for all kinds of art and design, ranging from painting, drawing, crochet, 3D printing...the list goes on. 

After being medically retired from the local police force,

I decided I needed something to keep my brain active, whilst trying to help bring in a few pennies. 

This is when Pixie-Crafts was created.

I decided to create a range of cards, stickers and other gifts.

I am always working on new ideas and ranges, so remember to check back in often. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like something maybe a bit more personalised.

Details on how to contact me can be found here.

Thank you for visiting my site! <3